Play for free also on is a deceptively simple yet surprisingly deep strategy game, inspired by the brilliant simplicity of Sean O'Connor's Slay.

Expand your kingdom, build up your economy, crush your enemies, then crush your allies too!

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Cute, Economy, Hex Based, Medieval, Minimalist, Tactical, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
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Scramble is making for quite the doozy to beat with such a small amount of land I can claim around my start point compared to the AI

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Agreed, it was too hard for such an early level and not that interesting in terms of strategy options. Just gave it a major overhaul in the newest update!

Had a much easier flow this time, and lil ol grey no longer had such a massive early advantage


Is there any difference between this and Slay! ?

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The game is totally an attempt to make my own preffered variant of Slay!, a game that has been my addiction for years :). So while it's quite faithful to it's core formula,  there's a number of subtle but impactful differences that I found make the game more fun for me. Hopefully this also makes it interesting even for Slay! veterans:

  • Towns in this game don't respawn, so cutting away chunks of territory or losing towns is a lot more impactful (also makes the late game much faster and brutal); on the flip side, you also don't need to worry about towns despawning when you merge provinces
  • In this game AI oponents have a relationship towards you which affects their actions, so there's more to consider when chosing who and when to attack
  • Bandits and bandit camps fill a similar role to Slays forests, but they  work quite differently
  • Towers (castles) are more expensive and have a maintenance cost in this game, but they also enable units to retreat; cut-off towers turn into bandit camps
  • Upgrading units is more expensive in this game (you always need two units of the same kind to get a higher-tier unit)

Going forward, I hope another difference will be that this game will have a lot more interesting hand-crafted content (campaings, alternate modes etc.) and even better AI (though I will admit Slay! is not easy to beat in that aspect!), but time will tell :).


Very cool, I used to be a huge Slay! player, haven't played it in a while though. I'm enjoying your game a lot so far.

this is so good!